About Anna's Homes

The Anna Schindler Foundation (ASF) is a local non-profit organization dedicated to serving childhood cancer families in the Inland Northwest who receive treatment at Sacred Heart Children's Hospital. The ASF is currently in the process of constructing their newest program: Anna's Homes. Located on Spokane's South Hill, Anna's Homes will consist of four single-family homes. These homes will serve up to 24 families annually (depending on treatment length), providing out-of-town childhood cancer families with a sterile, home-like and affordable housing option during their child's treatment. Pediatric cancer treatments are extremely involved and can require multiple (and even daily) hospital visits per week and inpatient stays. The pediatric oncologists at Sacred Heart ask families to stay within an hour of the hospital during volatile times in their child’s treatment.  

Each home is specifically designed with childhood cancer families in mind. Several pediatric oncology families who traveled elsewhere for treatment and had utilized similar temporary housing in other cities in the US were consulted. This information was integrated into the floor plan. These 3 bedroom/3 bathroom homes will provide parent/caregiver rooms that allow the caregiver a clear line of sight to their sick child in an adjoining room while still allowing a sense of privacy for both. The bathrooms have been centrally located so if there needs to be quick access it is mere steps away. All flooring, steps and stairs will be fully wheelchair/walker accessible as many patients lose strength and coordination during treatment. Surfaces and furniture will be easily washable to keep the homes as germ-free as possible while maintaining a home-like feel. The homes will provide sufficient space for extended family to visit and provide essential support.

Construction on Phase 1 (first set of homes) began in June, 2017 and is expected to be completed March 2018. Phase II will commence thereafter, expecting groundbreaking in Autumn 2018.

For more information regarding Anna's Homes and how you can get further involved, visit the Anna Schindler Foundation website: www.annaschindlerfoundation.org.